thaw |THô|
verb [ no obj. ]
(of ice, snow, or another frozen substance) become liquid or soft as a result of warming: the river thawed and barges of food began to reach the capital.
• (it thaws, it is thawing, etc.) the weather becomes warmer and melts snow and ice.
• (of a part of the body) become warm enough to stop feeling numb: Tony began to feel his ears and toes thaw out.
• make or become friendlier or more cordial: [ no obj. ] : she thawed out sufficiently to allow a smile to appear.

6 Replies to “thaw”

  1. There is something so beautiful about the form and colour of last years growth after the weight of winter. Love the words paired with your evocative images.
    A bit of thaw here too, spring in slow motion…


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